"Made Man"

As he continues to climb the ranks within his crime organization, a young mobster must reevaluate what he wants out of life when he discovers his best friend is a police informant.

Nominated for Wayne State University's Green List for Excellence in Screenwriting

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Mark is about to have his first blind date. Patty is about to confront the man who gave her her first one-night-stand. When they mistake each other for their respective partners, they are forced to piece together a relationship that never happened.

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Screenplay Coverage

Editing and criticism have always been just as important to me as my creative writing.

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Film Favorites

Whip It (2009)

Directed by Drew Barrymore

Screenplay by Shauna Cross

A weirdo finds her place among Austin's finest roller derby girls. As a young woman and a freak, I fell in love with this movie at just eleven years old. This is the coming-of-age movie for every punk rock chick out there.